Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Apple Chips

                  Seneca Apple Crisps Photo by builtofconrflakes
Oh yes i'm high on Apple chips. Dehydrated apple crisps by Seneca is quite whimsical  in terms of taste and they look like dried up fairy skirts so i recommend eating this while watching Michel Gondry's 'The Science of Sleep'. It'll bump your creative urges up a notch. If you're obsessed with stop motion and diy-ism then you'll flip out watching this. In a good way.

All whimsyness aside, SenecaSnacks got really creative with their apple chips. For instance-  Harvest Spice flavor, Caramel, Cinnamon, Apple Pie ala mode to name a few. I'm lucky enough to be able to try these two- the Original and Granny Smith chips. You'd fall in love immediately with the smell of the chips and i dont think anyone can slice them thinner for that magic-crisp effect. As my sister puts it, the Granny Smith flavor gave a jolt of sourness compared to the red one but they're equally delicious and i can't pick a favorite.

There's some interesting recipes online that suggests the many uses of these chips such as adding it into your salad, wearing it as ear rings, garnishing squash soup and the best sounding one - caramel and apple chips coated popcorn. But eating it on its own is definitely an ace.

ZombieNomNom Ratings:
Deliciousness :          8
Packaging Design:     5
Eco friendly packaging: 0 
Nostalgia points:            4 
Accessibility:   5  ( Cold Storage supermarket branches and selected Watsons outlets in Malaysia)
Price:    RM9+

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